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Web Business Applications Development

Content Management Systems(CMS) are vital to organizations as their main utility is to manage workflow and provide a information sharing platform in a collaborative environment. Depending on the organization’s needs and business philosophy –this information may vary from simple webpage content to digital media and a well developed CMS does not only allow accommodating information of varying types but also provide the users with interfaces and tools to create, store, control ,modify and publish the information. As the nature of information is industry-specific, Content Management Systems have vary widely in nature from Web Content Management Systems to Digital Asset Management systems.

Our in-depth knowledge, years of experience and flair for developing innovative solutions have led to development to CMS that helps to create, manage and publish information of the following types in a collaborative scenario :

  • Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS)
  • Web Content Management Systems (WCMS)
  • Document Management Systems (DMS)
  • Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS)
  • Collaborative Project Management Systems (CPMS)

Though the data that content management systems manage vary widely from simple HTML to complex digital media – all our content Management systems provide the system users with the following functional modules and components :

Content Authoring and Editing Components

These components allows the users to create and edit media –rich content without the technical knowledge of the content technologies like HTML, PDF, Spreadsheets, Charts etc. These components come with easy-to-use WYSIWYG editors, Preview creators, media embedding tools etc. so that the user can have a visual preview of the content prior to publishing.

Media and file uploader Components

For digital asset management or document management systems require uploads of bigger size files. These uploader components help the user to upload files of big file sizes easily. Such uploader components generally come with progress bars that inform the user about the status of the file upload

User and Role Management components

In a collaborative environment – everyone contributes to information and the CMS must not allow anyone and everyone to view create or edit sensitive content. These User and role management components allow the system administrators to define access and activity specific user roles and assign or revoke users to those roles thereby helping in maintaining data integrity and security.

Content Template components

An important utility of a CMS is to promote content re-use. These content template components help the users to create content templates for commonly reusable components which saves them time while re-creating similar content over and over again.

Notification components

Communication is an important aspect of collaboration and these built-in notification components notify collaborative users of additions and changes in content and information .Apart from content notifications these components can also be utilized as reminder notifications if required.

Visual Template components

Changing the entire look and feel of an application is vital in case of solution re-branding. The same CMS may be used by two different departments of the same organization with entirely different look and feel. These visual Template components enable easy look and feel change keeping the content data intact.

Reporting Components

These components aid the administrator in providing him with a report on system access , user activities and other system activities in a searchable report format.

Archiving Components

As CMS are data and document driven solutions proper archiving of old information is an easily retrievable way is an important activity for system administrators. These components help the administrators to create retrievable archives of system data.

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