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ECommerce Website Development Services

Affordable Web Development company in India. Our expertise in development of solutions in this domain lies mainly in developing custom ECommerce systems as well as customizing Open Source ECommerce products like OSCommerce, CRELoaded, Magento, Zend Cart, Interspire and other popular ECommerce open source systems. The common features of the custom E-Commerce solutions that we have developed are as follows:

Step 1- The First Handshake

These meetings usually take place at client locations or online. They are completely free and without obligation. The first handshake is an exchange of initial information. We make it a point to answer any queries from the client, and find out what kind of software / web solution he is planning or considering. The purpose is to provide the client with enough information to allow him to decide whether he wants to proceed to the next step.

Step 2- The Scope and The Estimate

If, after the first handshake, the client decides to go forward, he provides all the necessary information defining the scope of his project. Sometimes further communication is necessary at this step to clarify the scope and nature of the work to be done. When we have adequate information about the project scope and gross requirements, we then provide him with a basic system layout along with a cost estimate.

Step 3- Teaming Up

At this step prepares a standard contract including a detailed description of the planned web solution and a cost estimate. 1/3-1/4 of the total estimated cost is due upon signing of the Agreement. This way we team up with the client and proceed further towards the successful development and deployment of his project.

Step 4- The Finer Details

This step is for us to gather the details of system workflow, business rules and corporate philosophy before the solution can actually be built. We assist the client in pulling together the system workflow, required documents, existing work procedure and business rules needed for the project working as a team with the client to gather even the minutest detail about how he wants his system to look and perform.

Step 5- The Blueprint

At this step we analyze the gathered requirements and finalize detailed plans for the project structure and come up with a detailed system design which is send to the client for his additions/modifications and approval. The design includes data and navigation flow, database interaction details and details about the other building blocks of the solution.

Step 6- The Look and Feel

At this step page layout and interface design begins. Our interface design and visual design team produces a draft based upon the content, needs, and preferences provided. The client's feedback on the draft is solicited, and this feedback used to produce a second draft. And likewise through a series of successive iterations and accommodating client modifications a final draft is developed.

Step7- The System Skeleton and Data Model

This step creates the system skeleton and the data model by physical creation of required databases, top-level architectural classes and components. At this stage all the functiona aspects are broken up into a number of dynamic building blocks.

Step 8- The Dynamic Building Blocks

This step creates the dymanic building blocks . Each such block created is tested thoroughly by our Quality Control team to ensure the right functionality, usability and performance. The blocks are deployed and client review is sought for fine tuning the functional aspects of the blocks. Several iterations and modification can be required here as the aim of this step is to get the functional elements work according to the system design and client specifications.

Step 9- The Integration

The building blocks are fitted to the system skeleton at this step and the system shapes up. The QC team gets busy checking whether the blocks are performing perfectly as well as whether the system is performing according to the expectation.The entire system is deployed and client review is sought. At this stage some minor modifications are also done at the dynamic block level to ensure that all the blocks are performing flawlessly together as a single unit.

Step 10- Trapping The Bugs

TThe solution is thoroughly tested measuring the functionality and performance aspects. The client reviews and tests it for any minor changes or corrections, and for web solutions we test the solution on numerous browsers, on different platforms, correcting any remaining errors and bugs.

Step 11- The Launch

The client completes satisfactory testing and review and and informs us that the system is ready to be used live. Payment balance that is due and payable at this step and the solution is deployed to the final work server if required.

Step12- The Agreement Continues

At this optional step the client can choose to sign up a maintenance agreement with us for maintaining the solution and continue development to address minor enhancements and changes in the business rules.

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“Infoware Solutions really do take pride in their work. They take into account every little detail of the job. I gave them a brief of what was needed and sent the appropriate materials. The job was completed within 12 hours and uploaded! I was amazed.... I would recommend them to any webmaster needing a good job doing ! Thanks a lot... Mr. Liam, Webmaster, Web Direct Hosting, USA More..

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