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Web Enterprise Portals

The public web portals that evolved in the mid 90’s , formed the basis for the enterprise to feel the need of developing Enterprise Information Portals (EIP) for themselves. EIP’s today provides the organizations with a solution framework that encompasses business processes, personnel and information in a single frame. With secure single entry point for valid system users – enterprise portals allows them to aggregate and personalize information according to the user’s access rights. Access to process interfaces, inter-user interaction, specific portlet application usage for a particular user is controlled by his access rights in the EIP. All information that such a system holds is the result of collaborative efforts from the users .The nature of such enterprise portals depends on the organization goals and strategy and can be a B2E , B2B or B2C portal.

At Infoware Solutions, we focus on the clients business methodologies to suggest him the most efficient and easy to maintain portal architecture that will cover all the functional aspects and yet is cost effective. The most commonly used features present in the Enterprise portals that we have developed are:

Content Management

The functionality includes creation of content sections , ability to embed media in the content, built-in cross browser compatibility checks, WYSIWYG editors, permission based publishing, Publish Preview, printer friendly / text only version creation and web-content export functionality.

Document Management

The client’s needs vary from managing simple text files to streaming audio and video files – so good document management systems are a must for a good Enterprise Portal. With access based control over document upload and access –we develop document management systems which can handle several types of media securely and flawlessly.

User Collaboration

In an organization, teamwork is the most important .So every enterprise portal must provide enough modes of collaboration and communication between users. From organizational hierarchy based mailing systems, Chat rooms with Audio/video enabled communication to collaboration Tools like Wiki and knowledgebase creators , message boards, forums, blogs all are modes of collaboration and communication in an organizational environment.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

According to the current web browsing trends –we have many popularly used web browser softwares like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (3 major active versions) , Mozilla’s Firefox ( many different versions), Apple’s Safari , Google’s Chrome , Opera and many others. So websites nowadays has to be designed in such a way that they appear the same visually when browsed in the commonly used browsers – a term called Cross-Browser Compatibility. Our designs ensure compatibility with almost all the commonly used browsers.

Customer Interactions

Customers are very important to every organization and most Enterprise portals add a customer perspective to the system wherein customers can communicate with the business in a secure fashion. From online Payment interfaces for B2B and B2C portals the customer activity can encompass even upto a full fledged E-CRM system that provides after sales support to the customers.

Access Control

Providing access only to authorized content and activities to users is a very important security aspect of an Enterprise Portal. Our EIP’s have both group and individual access policies for every valid system user that saves time on the part of the Administrator as well as can restrict access for a particular individual.

Business Performance Analysis

This is an important aspect for every organization-to know how well the business is performing. So our Enterprise Portals not only hold business information but also tools for analyzing the performance. From Sales Analysis to Vendor Analysis, Financial Analysis these tools provide instant reports with the bird’s eye view of performance of the organization.


Every user has his/her own tastes. The personalization tools enable each portal user to customize his/her access area look-and-feel, personal tools like calendars, memos and alerts, choose specific information channels from generic news feeds etc. That way every user can add his personal touch to his own work environment.

Data Feeds and Integration with other enterprise systems

As an integral part of the organizations system-the enterprise portal has to supply data to other business systems and receive data from them . Though most of the data exchange is in certain standard XML formats – some legacy systems however require a customized data exchange format.

Apart from developing Enterprise Information Portals , we also worked on developing public web portals, social networking Portals and Ecommerce Portals.

Logo conceptualization and development

Logos are perhaps the most significant graphic identity of an organization –and a proper logo has to capture the true spirit of an organization in a single graphic. Our web designing services also provides our customers with the conception and design of their corporate logos that enhance their brand image.

Newsletter design

Text only newsletters are history now, as every organization wants to provide its customers and subscribers in an attractive format even if it is emailing newsletters. Our web design team helps our client organizations create attractive newsletters with the right blend of text and graphics that makes them highly acceptable to the subscribers.

Web Campaigns

The web has now become a very popular media for advertisements and product and service campaigns. Our design services help our customers to create innovative and attractive web based campaign banners, flyers and other contents that help them gain more acceptability over their competitors.

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“Infoware Solutions really do take pride in their work. They take into account every little detail of the job. I gave them a brief of what was needed and sent the appropriate materials. The job was completed within 12 hours and uploaded! I was amazed.... I would recommend them to any webmaster needing a good job doing ! Thanks a lot... Mr. Liam, Webmaster, Web Direct Hosting, USA More..

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