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Outsourcing Facts To Infoware Solutions

The competitive pressure on today’s businesses to stay ahead of competitors and meet the needs of the ever changing demands of the market is growing at a rapid pace. Though most of the modern businesses understand the importance of Information technology support in the day to day business activities, investing a huge amount on setting up an IT infrastructure in addition to the core business setup is not always feasible.

Maintaining such an infrastructure that would cater to the entire IT based system development and maintenance involves added infrastructural costs, skilled and experienced IT personnel recruitment adding to the HR costs, additional maintenance cost which are added to the core business running cost.This results in higher production costs and loosing out in the competitive market. To save the firms from maintaining an added IT infrastructure and adding to their running and production costs – Outsourcing is the answer.

A trusted outsourcing partner not only saves the IT infrastructure costs of the outsourcing firms, but also provides them with quality software and web solutions by utilizing their strong domain knowledge and technical skills make them save on added personnel recruitment costs and maintainence costs without the quality risk factor. Infoware Solutions has worked as such a trusted offshore outsourcing partner to businesses in over 20 countries all around the globe in the last 7 years of its existence and continues to do so in the areas of new solution development, existing application re-engineering, support and maintainence and even technology research and development.

Why Outsource to Infoware Solutions?

The reasons are manifold. Every outsourcing company looks for outsourcing partners who can provide them with quality software development or web development services at affordable costs – and as our business philosophy is providing affordable software and web solutions without a compromise in quality, we fit into the offshore outsourcing scenario almost naturally. Choosing us as outsourcing partners has the following advantages:

Cost Benefits

Our mission has always been providing affordable software and web development services. Being located in India our man-hour rates are the most competitive. This fact coupled with our strong quality management process results in highly usable, scalable and effective solutions that maintain a high quality without being expensive.

Core Business Focus

As we perform our duties as the offshore IT department of our clients with utmost responsibility, our clients can happily leave their IT related concerns and hassles on our trusted shoulders and concentrate more on their core business activities.

Strong Domain Knowledge

Being a trusted outsourcing partner over years have helped us to gain a strong domain knowledge in various industry verticals. We share and utilize this knowledge while developing software and web solutions for our customers.

Technical Expertise & Experience

Our strong domain knowledge is complimented by our technical expertise in diverse technology platforms. These factors along with 7+ years of a truly global software and web solutions development and implementation experience helps our customers in choosing the right technology platform for their solution as well as reduce development time.

Effective Communication

Our experience in communicating effectively with clients located in different time-zones have helped us to maintain timely communication schedules. Also the fact that every client project has an individually allocated Account Manager helps in reducing the time taken in exchange of client-to-provider ideas.

Location Advantage

We are located in kolkata ,India – the metro city with the lowest cost-of-living in India. A city that provides you with all the infrastructures at the lowest possible costs, a city that has a huge talent pool of highly qualified and talented IT professionals. These factors help us to provide the most cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality.

Clients Testimonials

“Infoware Solutions really do take pride in their work. They take into account every little detail of the job. I gave them a brief of what was needed and sent the appropriate materials. The job was completed within 12 hours and uploaded! I was amazed.... I would recommend them to any webmaster needing a good job doing ! Thanks a lot... Mr. Liam, Webmaster, Web Direct Hosting, USA More..

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