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Pricing Basis of Infoware Solutions

Our motto as an organization is to help our clients’ business grow though our software and web solutions. As our aim is to achieve an ever growing satisfied clientele – we understand that the client looks for flexibility. The flexibility to choose the best from a number of feasible options depending upon the nature, complexity and volume of their required solution. So, not only do our development methodology and outsourcing schemes provide them with a lot of options to choose from – our pricing basis also provides him with a bunch of options to choose his payment model from . The following are the pricing basis of our solutions:

Balance on Delivery Basis

This model is chosen when the project is small in volume with definite work specifications decided before project commencement. The client pays 20-25% of the project cost at commencement of the project and pays the balance amount only after satisfactory delivery of the software or web solution.

Time Billing Basis

This model is chosen most for maintenance projects and re-engineering /porting solutions. The man-hour rates and the number of personnel involved are decided beforehand and the client is billed according to the time involvement. The timesheet is sent on daily/weekly basis depending on work volume and the client pays the bills bi-weekly/monthly.

Phased Delivery Basis

This model is generally followed for medium to large projects where the entire deliverables are grouped into phases or releases. The entire project cost is divided into phase-wise payments that will be paid on phase completion. In this model, there is no upfront payment and the first payment is made by the client after the first phase is successfully deployed. This is repeated for the next phases till the entire project functionality is delivered.

One Time Billing Basis

Apart from customized development we also have some ready-to-use solutions that our clients require sometimes. In this model , the client choses to buy the solution by reviewing a working demo on our servers and once we install the system on his server and he is satisfied with it – he makes the entire payment for the solution. This model also spawn some custom development work sometimes like incorporating some customizations or rebranding the solution in the clients name – the additional work done for these are either billed on The Balance on delivery basis or the Time Billing Basis.

ODTT Basis

The Offshore Dedicated Technical Team (ODTT) is a scheme that we provide our clients with where they can choose their own team and its size and hire them for dedicated development work. Under this scheme the client only pays the monthly salary /hourly rates of the hired professionals depending on their expertise and experience. For more information on ODTT see our Dedicated Technical Teams Section.

These pricing basis provides the client with ultimate flexibility from the technology selection till the payment stage. It is this flexibility and our strong commitment to provide quality software development and web development solutions that has made Infoware Solutions a highly trusted and preferred outsourcing partner to our satisfied global clientele.

Clients Testimonials

“Infoware Solutions really do take pride in their work. They take into account every little detail of the job. I gave them a brief of what was needed and sent the appropriate materials. The job was completed within 12 hours and uploaded! I was amazed.... I would recommend them to any webmaster needing a good job doing ! Thanks a lot... Mr. Liam, Webmaster, Web Direct Hosting, USA More..

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