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Quality Control on Web Development

At Infoware Solutions , providing a software or web solution is like constructing a ready-to-use , state-of-the-art building with all modern amenties using the best materials at an affordable cost. That is why , unlike other software and web development companies – our quality control process does not start at the implementation phase . Our unique quality control system checks the quality parameters of not only every building block of the system , but the blueprints too.

After the project initiation phase, our system architects get busy in designing the sytem blue-print. These blue-prints are created using the UML concepts and the system design is in form of a host of UML documents – DFD’s, ERD’s, Interactivity diagrams, Use case diagrams ,class and object diagrams to name a few. This is handed over to the architecture analysts who run quality checks on the system design and that initiates our quality control process.

Once the architechture analysts are satisfied with the system component and data design , the interface designers can busy in designing user-friendly interfaces that incorporate the system design. The interface diagrams are then handed over to the interface analysts who test the user friendliness and usability of interface designs.

Once the interfaces are QC passed, the implementation phase begins. The visual designers are involved in creating the interfaces based on the interface design while the programmers are involved in implementing the architechtural building blocks according to the system design. Every visual interface and building block is continually tested by our Quality assurance team – checking the adhereance of the implementations to the original system design and interface designs. Client feedback is also sought from time-to time for checking the system conformance.

Apart from testing individual building blocks, the entire system is checked by our QC team by Integration testing methodologies and this process goes on even after deployment where we check whether the performance of the system in the deployment server is satisfactory. Our quality control process is carried out using the industry standard manual/automated testing tools. Our R&D team also constantly work on developing newer and more effective testing tools. Some of the standard test methodologies that we use at the implemntation stage are:

  • Functional Testing / Regression Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Security Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

At every step of the development from from initiation to deployment , we constantly monitor the quality parameters of the provided solution as we strongly believe that only quality solutions can win customer satisfaction

Clients Testimonials

“Infoware Solutions really do take pride in their work. They take into account every little detail of the job. I gave them a brief of what was needed and sent the appropriate materials. The job was completed within 12 hours and uploaded! I was amazed.... I would recommend them to any webmaster needing a good job doing ! Thanks a lot... Mr. Liam, Webmaster, Web Direct Hosting, USA More..

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