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Web Applications Services in India

Gone are the days when application softwares were mainly desktop based with sky-rocketing costs to run such an application on a network of worldwide presence. Added to worries were cross-platform compatibility issues leading to different releases for different operating systems, difficulty of maintenance and higher infrastructural costs. In this e-age software applications need to be accessed from anywhere globally at low costs, compatible with all commonly used operating environments – yet easy to maintain, enhance and with lower operational and maintenance costs. Since Web Applications meet all the requirements of a modern application software – they have gained immense popularity. From an interactive globally popular social network to an online shopping portal – web applications have made a mark everywhere. The only requirements to run them are an internet connection and a standard browser – these applications can run without a glitch on any standard operating system and on computers ranging from a high – end server class machine to a low-end netbook.

We at Infoware Solutions , have been involved in providing easy-to-use, yet robust and scalable web applications for our global clientele for quite a few years now. Developing custom web applications which are tailor-made to suit the client’s business needs has always been the development buzzword at our development labs. Whatever may be the client’s need – our expertise and experience gives us the confidence that we can deliver a cost-effective and innovative solution for his needs.

The Web Application Development services that we provide are :

Custom Web Application Development

We believe , the main purpose of developing a customized web application is to create a feasible solution that adapts seamlessly with the customer’s business goals and policies and yet be future proof with the ability to be easily enhanced and modified according to the customer’s future needs. While developing such solutions we also keep in mind the traffic volume the application has to handle , concurrent operation issues and cross-platform and cross-browser compatibilities.

Web Application Re-engineering

When an existing application does not meet the performance standards there might be several reasons for it. Additional traffic/data volume, hasty enhancements without impact analysis, usage of wrong logic, redundancy are just a few factors to name among them. Our re-engineering service analyzes a client’s existing underperforming application in the light of our experience and expertise to identify the responsible factors and re-tune it improve the performance issues. We also guide our clients that whether a re-engineering or a technology migration would be more beneficial for his ultimate business goals.

Web Application Technology Migration

In a fast changing world , development technologies change more rapidly. As applications today can do more than what they could possibly do a decade ago, some older applications –which are beyond re-engineering scope have to revamped and developed with newer technologies – a process known as Application Migration. Our expertise in diverse technology platforms as well as work domain enables us to provide Technology Migration services for legacy applications –so that the client gets more out of them. This service also encompasses migrating old desktop applications to new age web applications.

Web Application Maintenance

Most of the web Applications that we develop are fully maintainable through easy-to-use and secure administrative panels. But most of our global clientele entrust us with the duty of application maintenance and support. This service includes fixing problems (if they occur) , daily-basis jobs that are to be carried out by the site administrator, data /application backup and system enhancement – all that ensure that the web application runs flawlessly and without any hassles.

Mobile Web Applications

Along with PCs ,laptops and netbooks – utilizing the power of the internet from cell phones and PDAs has become quite common. As not every cellphone browser can render heavy web pages perfectly to reach out to more potential users most applications have a separate light-weight mobile web interface. These applications can range from simple SMS based communication to an entire social network site for mobile devices or an M-commerce solution. Our mobile web application development services enable our clients to have light-weight ,mobile-web versions of their web applications.

Development Technologies

We strongly believe that technological expertise should not be a hindrance while developing a web Application ,that is why our expertise and experience spans several development technologies and tools which enables us the choose the right technology combination for a particular web application solution.

Business Performance Analysis

This is an important aspect for every organization-to know how well the business is performing. So our Enterprise Portals not only hold business information but also tools for analyzing the performance. From Sales Analysis to Vendor Analysis, Financial Analysis these tools provide instant reports with the bird’s eye view of performance of the organization.

Web Servers

Apache ,Tomcat

Development Languages/Tools

JSP, Servlets ,AJAX ,Perl, XML

Database Management Systems

MySQL , PostgreSQL

Newsletter design

Text only newsletters are history now, as every organization wants to provide its customers and subscribers in an attractive format even if it is emailing newsletters. Our web design team helps our client organizations create attractive newsletters with the right blend of text and graphics that makes them highly acceptable to the subscribers.

Web Campaigns

The web has now become a very popular media for advertisements and product and service campaigns. Our design services help our customers to create innovative and attractive web based campaign banners, flyers and other contents that help them gain more acceptability over their competitors.

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“Infoware Solutions really do take pride in their work. They take into account every little detail of the job. I gave them a brief of what was needed and sent the appropriate materials. The job was completed within 12 hours and uploaded! I was amazed.... I would recommend them to any webmaster needing a good job doing ! Thanks a lot... Mr. Liam, Webmaster, Web Direct Hosting, USA More..

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